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Invite Client Engagement, Every Time

In social media posts, engagement is the name of the game.  Client engagement (likes, comments, shares, clicks) demonstrate a two-way conversation.  We get to know more about what our customers think, like and value.  They get to tell us what we’re doing well and where they think we can do better.  They feel appreciated, valued and heard, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.  Most importantly, customer engagement on social media spreads the word about our company, showing up on the feed of every friend our customer has.  So, it makes sense that we should actively court client engagement. Raise your right hand and repeat after me.  From this day forward, I will NEVER post anything for my business on social media that does not have an active invitation for client engagement!  So help me God!  But how do we do that?  We always include at least one (but preferably more) of the following things:


1. A link.  This can be a link to your web site, to the page of an online store to purchase the item you’re advertising, to your blog article that contains more information.  A link says “click me”, DO something in response this post.  Clients like things to be as easy as possible.  If you make action available in just one click, you are more likely to get engagement.


2. A hashtag.  Actually, I generally recommend two hashtags.  One for your company (see #ALSA) and one for the specific project, item or idea you are promoting (see #icebucketchallenge)  Encourage your clients to use your hashtags when posting about the issues that matter to your company.  It builds a sense of community and raises the visibility of your business.  Plus, in case you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, hashtags become internally searchable links.  Click on one, and it will bring up every post that used the same hashtag in the last couple of weeks.


3. A question.  People love to give their two cents, but sometimes they need to be invited.  The diet Coke Facebook page regularly asks questions like, “What is your favorite time to have a refreshing diet Coke?”  What would your clients like to weigh in on?  What would you like to know?


4. A call to action.  Give them a suggested form of engagement.  Call now! (Be sure to give the number!) Go to this site! (Include the link.)  Share this post! (Give them a great reason, like a contest entry!)


We’ll be watching, making sure you invite two-way communication with your customers.  As your client base becomes more engaged, you’ll see the quality of your interactions on social media rise.  Happy Posting!


Lezli Goodwin is Creative Director for Mad Science Consulting.  She finds extreme joy in helping clients find their footing in the nebulous areas of social media, blogging and small business marketing.  Follow her on Twitter @madscienceinc


When you say every day, are you serious?

When you say I have to post every day on social media, are you serious?  Every single day?  How solid is that rule?

Let me put it this way: It’s pretty freakin solid.  That said, you can make this as intense or simple as you like, as long as you are consistent.  Let’s look more closely.

1. Choose the VERY BEST platform to promote your business.  This is going to be a combination of demographics and style.  If you are a hip, fashion forward business (coffee house, makeup company, art gallery), you need to be on Instagram.  If you’re a traditional company seeking middle age middle and upper income folks (real estate, financial advisers), your best bet is Facebook.  If your company thrives on moment to moment change (music industry, news organizations), get yourself to Twitter right now!

2. Post on THIS platform every single business day.  Now, that’s different for different people.  Lots of real estate people do their best work on Saturdays.  Many salons and boutiques are closed on Mondays.  Taylor this rule to your business schedule.

3. You can post anything from a quote that is relevant to your business to a link to your blog.  Pictures are great, and increase the rate of engagement (likes, comments, shares) with your post.  Pictures with face are better.  Faces your clients recognize are best.  You can create infographics or quote pictures.  You can make each post very simple or very complex, depending on the amount of time, energy and skill you want to put into it.  Keep in mind, though, that consistency trumps fancy every time.  Don’t set your sights so high you end up putting off your posting.

4. Wait to launch any additional platforms until this first optimal platform is totally solid.  You should have been posting daily for long enough that you don’t even have to think about it before you begin planning the next platform launch.  This way, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Remember, social media is a tool to HELP you, not freak you out.  It should make your job easier.  Follow our simple rules, and it will.

Lezli Goodwin is Creative Director for Mad Science Consulting.  She finds extreme joy in helping clients find their footing in the nebulous areas of social media, blogging and small business marketing.  Follow her on Twitter @madscienceinc