But what if people use social our media sites to post bad comments about us?

I recently had a conversation with a marketing Director at a fortune 1000 company who was concerned about allowing customers and prospects to write comments and replies to their company blog postings and other social media vehicles. Corporate had been hesitant to launch anything that might allow this to occur.
The problem is that your customers and prospects are going to talk about your company regardless of your social media policies. If you allow them to vent on sites which you monitor and have control over it gives you an opportunity to interact with them and improve your company. With sincere and positive communication it is possible to turn your upset customers into loyal customers. People like being heard and helping to improve your company…if you let them. Let them.
One of the best instances of social media changing buyer behavior that I have experienced was on Amazon.com. I was looking for a software product. Reading the customer reviews (which I always do) I came across a customer who gave the product I was considering a single star and then ranted for two paragraphs about how hard the product was to install and how poor the support was at helping him. The next entry was from the company’s support manager. He gave his personal email and phone number and told the guy to call him and he would walk him through the installation process personally. I bought the product right there. I was impressed that they were monitoring the site and that the very next day they responded positively. The support guy didn’t care that he was posting his personal information and name on the web. He took the chance to fix the problem.
Your customers and prospects are going to talk. The question is, will you see their comments and take the opportunity to help them and improve your processes and products, or hide your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening?

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