End-to-end sales training

The Challenge: The challenge was clear-an enablement program was needed to strategically accommodate a $20B distributor's specific needs:

  • Actively engage & enable 200 inactive partner firms on a specific product line.
  • Break into the SMB/MSE space.
  • Training partners on the new/low-cost storage line.

The Solution: An intuitive, online training portal, accessible 24/7 for convenient training, tools, certification and resource access for sales and technical partners, while providing the company with a trackable, logical, scalable and turn-key online training system.

The Beginner Program:

  • Basic training on products, tools, selling, product solutions and entry-level certifications.
  • Online video training & certifications.
  • Apple® iPads® offered to sales reps who completed program within 1 month.

The Graduate Program:

  • Complex training, assessments, services, professional certifications and demand generation.
  • Upon completion of the Beginners Program partners can select Graduate Program tracks.
  • Alliance partner certifications were also made available.
  • 5-7 B.A.N.T. qualified leads offered per track to each sales rep that successfully completes the track(s).

Rewards Program:

  • Provided an additional lead to the rep for every $50,000 sale into the mid-market to keep the reps engaged.

Results: The end-to-end program was incredibly successful, as evidenced by the number of participants. Armed with their new skills, the program's graduates produced the following results from FY11 Q3 through FY13 Q1:


  • 563 sales reps &114 technical reps have been trained through this program as of 2012
  • 748 sales reps have earned their sales certifications &291 reps have earned their technical certifications
  • A total of 6,265 online training modules have been viewed as part of the program


  • Company invested $1.62M over 2 1/2 years
  • Incremental Sales Growth = $251M (as of 2012)
  • ROI= 155:1 (Verified by third party audit)


  • BMA Award of Excellence. (Business Marketing Association November 2011)
  • BMA 2011 Award of Excellence for Channel Partner Engagement Program
  • Marketing and Communications (MAC) Award Winner (November 2010)
  • MAC Award Winner 2010 for External Training & Seminars