Four legged sales calls

A $47B hardware manufacturer who wished to get their sales reps involved earlier in the sales cycle by partnering with software reps in specific industries.

The Challenges:

  • Hardware sales reps preferred waiting until the sale was near completion so they could "show up" and sell their hardware.
  • Software reps preferred going in alone and selling their software then "throwing the deal over the fence" to whatever hardware rep the end-user suggested.
  • Hardware reps who did not understand the issues behind the installation could only provide a generic solution. Software reps who did not work with a hardware rep could only guess at the hardware needs of the customer.
  • Customers with complex requirements were not getting a complete idea of the solution when dealing with the reps separately.

The Solution

  • Mad Science identified the most lucrative software solutions that for hardware drag (business Intelligence, ERP, security, etc.).
  • Hardware reps had to be trained in consultative selling practices as well as in the basics of selling alongside software reps into each of their specific industries.
  • Hardware and software reps were mapped out according to location and skillset.
  • Executive appointment setting campaigns were provided for all reps who obtained the necessary training.
  • Executive decision makers with B.A.N.T. opportunities were identified and appointments scheduled for the hardware and software reps to pursue together.

Results: (4000 executive B.A.N.T. appointments set, over $110M hardware revenue, 23:1 ROI)

  • The two reps did their homework knowing they would be meeting with an executive decision maker with money on the table.
  • By working jointly the prospect was provided with a complete view of the solution. Competing reps engaging piecemeal could not compete with the hardware/software teams.
  • The client ran a pilot program spending $50k and saw 23:1 ROI. They subsequently spent an additional $5M over the following two years. 4,000 joint sales appointments were set earning more than $110M over the following four years.
  • Teaching hardware and software reps to work together allowed them to overcome their apprehension, finding joint opportunities together on their own.