Our Process

Many marketing vendors have a generic “one size fits all” methodology or standard line card of activities to choose from. Do not believe anyone who does not take the time to ask you a whole lot of questions before making a recommendation. How could they know what will work for your company without evaluating your specific goals, needs, budget, KPIs, SWOT, required ROI, existing sales methodology, industry or product? Generic methodologies get generic results. It is no wonder marketing sometimes gets a bad rap from executives who do not see enough return on their marketing investments.

To determine which type of marketing professional you have been working with ask yourself the following:

  • Are you finished with the "same old" tired marketing programs your vendors keep recommending?
  • Do your current methodologies yield too few results and too little ROI?
  • Do many of these "social media" experts seem a little young, short sighted and inexperienced with respect to a traditional marketing foundation?

Mad Science takes marketing to a whole new level. We will help you look at marketing in a whole new way, the way your marketing was intended to be.