Start-Up Software Co


Growing Software Company that could not keep up with inquires. Additionally the company was paying way too much to follow-up on prospects and to provide engineering support to a list of common questions.

Challenge #1: (Sales)

  • Sales team had lack of continuity in their sales approach.
  • Sales team could not effectively execute against all potential opportunities.
  • Sales could not scale internationally.

Solution: Online Free Trial

An online free trial of the software that timed out after one month and asked for a purchase from the user to continue working. The free trial offered enough functionality to go viral with engineers, and was extremely low. A very limited number of tests found important bugs in the prospect's code, but did not allow the prospect to fix them.

Results: Increased Sales / Lower Sales Force Expenses

  • Reduction in the size of its US field sales team by 1/3
  • Added international resellers around the world who were able to increase sales by leveraging the Free Trial on their local websites.
  • Sales doubled three years in a row from $500k to $4M annually in the first three years.

Challenge #2: (Engineering)

Limited engineering resources were spending far too much time answering customer support questions. A review of the engineering support logs indicated that the same ten questions accounted for almost 80% of the support calls.

Solution: Online Flash Video Support for top 10 asked questions

The online free trial was modified to demonstrate functionality that answered the top ten questions asked before they were ever asked. A flash demo was added to the company support website that visually demonstrated answers to commonly asked questions. When these support questions were received a support person would send the flash video in response.

Results: Increased Sales / Lower Engineering Expenses

  • Engineering reduced time on the phone supporting customer questions by 50%
  • Engineering able to spend saved time developing new products and improving existing products.
  • This savings allowed the company to stay afloat saving over $280k annually.